Today was the first day of Oracle OpenWorld 2010. A good day, all in all. Recap after the jump…

Indexing In And Outs

A great talk from Richard Foote about some of the subtleties of indexing in Oracle. Very good details on NULL processing, non-unique vs. unique indexes, virtual vs. invisible indexes and index monitoring. To be honest, this talk alone was sufficient to justify me being here for the day.

Partner Developments

Oracle announced a new partner level (which is the new highest level) — Diamond. I suppose the whole platinum level of partnership was just too pedestrian for some folks. This level is pretty strictly reserved for megacorporations (SAIC, CACI, Accenture and the like), as thirty some specializations (including five advanced specializations) are required on top of a few bazillion in accountable sales.

MySQL Compared With Oracle

A decent session which largely coincided with my own understanding of MySQL. One of the good tips from this session was an overview of the more common backup solutions for MySQL.

  • MySqlDump is not always a valid backup; it works well if all same storage engine are being used
  • Replication is easiest (plus the added benefit of a warm standby). A logical slave is sufficient (which is analogous to Oracle’s SQL apply. Once this kind of environment is created, the safest thing to do is to make a periodic (i.e. daily) coldbackup of the standby.
  • InnoDB hot backup is very RMAN-esque
  • XtraBackup is the free version of InnoDB Hot Backup
  • mylvmbackup is like RMAN plus snapshoting; effectively cloning

Trends In Oracle Security

A talk I was looking forwards to this talk from Impervia, but it was disappointing. Covering topics which I have seen covered multiple times before and basically a sales pitch for their products/services, I left early to go check out another Oracle Partner session.

The HP Keynote

The less said about this, the better. When Open World’s official tweet says “Hang in there everyone. Larry is here and will be on soon,” you know it’s a bad speech.

Larry Ellison’s Keynote

Besides the usual Uncle Larry hype, “next slide please” presentation approach, massive ego and stealing the thunder from his subsequent subordinates, there were two announcements of significant note: The debut of Exalogic and the Unbreakable Linux Kernel. Both of these are sufficiently significant to merit their own dedicated posts. Oracle also announced their definition of cloud computing, which just happens to be suspiciously like PaaS.