I was in the exhibition hall of StrataConf talking with the good folks at MapR. During our conversation, the MapR rep said “we’ve rewritten HDFS to optimize it and make it better”. The rest of our conversation is (roughly) below:

Me: Okay, you forked the code. That’s going to raise some support issues, as you will be the only people who can support your flavor of HDFS, whereas a vanilla HDFS can be supported by just about anyone.
Rep: No, we didn’t fork the code; the API is exactly the same and everything works the same.
Me: So, you didn’t change anything in HDFS?
Rep Yes, we did; we made it better.
Me: Then you forked the code.
Rep: No we didn’t.

At which point I just walked away and thanked him for his time.

My question to the group is (basically) did I miss something? This seems like a pretty straightforward example of forking the code. Right?